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Inappropriate Actions Behind the Scenes

What in the world is wrong with Jerry Sandusky and Bernie Fine?  Never have I been one to discount people because of the things they believe in or take part in, but the situations involving the ex-Penn State football defensive coordinator (Sandusky) and the current Syracuse basketball assistant coach (Fine) are absolutely beyond the realm of what is right in any kind of society.

Sandusky’s actions were enough to have legendary Penn State head coach Joe Paterno fired, and it only begs the question as to whether a similar fate awaits Syracuse’s future hall of fame coach Jim Boeheim.

The sheer gravity of the situation is enough to make you sick.  Sexual abuse of children is absolutely unacceptable on any account.

Accusations are still coming out concerning both situations, and they don’t look to be stopping anytime soon.  The victims will continue to step forward, and details will continue to be made public.

I cannot imagine the suffering that the victims and their families must have gone through.  The fact that two such similar cases broke into the media in such a short span of time makes me wonder where else this sickening process is going on.  There is no punishment great enough for these two men.  None.


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