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As Promised, The Biggest Rants in Football History

There are about a hundred different ways to look at NFL coaches getting too fired up in the press conference room.  On one hand, there is nothing wrong with caring about winning or losing.  Then again, there is certainly a line that does not need to be crossed.  These three coaches had complete and utter disregard for that line, and for that, we salute them.

#3. “You Play To Win The Game!”

Coach Herm Edwards of the New York Jets had words of wisdom for the members of the media on October 30th, 2002.  “You play to win the game!”, shouted Edwards time and time again.  Playing with this kind of motivation is what it’s all about in sports.  If you’re not leaving everything out on the field, why even play at all?

#2. “PLAYOFFS?!”

Classic stuff here from Indianapolis Colts head coach Jim Mora.  He was quite upset about the quality of play from his team against the San Francisco 49ers; more specifically his offense that turned the ball over 5 times.  Mora’s anger spilled over the brim when he was asked about whether his team had a chance to make the playoffs.  “Playoffs?!  I just hope we can win a game!”

#1. “They Are Who We Thought They Were!

Arizona Cardinals coach Dennis Green takes the cake as the top tirade.  “We let ’em off the hook!”, said Green, after his Cardinals had lost a game to the Chicago Bears.  This was truly an angry press conference, as the video ends with Green walking off the podium (but not before he slapped the microphone out of his face in anger).

These are some of the best, and definitely most famous post-game reactions for those that follow professional football.  There are obviously many others, but these three stood out as the most memorable.  More to come as the season begins to heat up.




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