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Cats and Dogs?

David Bennett, head football coach of the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers, had an interesting metaphor to describe what he wanted to see out of his team in their upcoming game against his former team, Catawba College.

All cats, dogs, and screen doors aside, what he said obviously got the job done.  The Chanticleers brought down the Catawba Indians 20-3 on the road on Saturday in Salisbury, NC.

With all the stupid things that are said in the sporting world, most of the ranting and raving that is done is done out of anger [see Dennis Green].  Bennett’s rant on cats and dogs is one of the more lighthearted ones seen in recent years.

Necessary?  Definitely not.  But this stupid tidbit of motivation is exactly what makes the world of sports such a beautiful thing.  Whatever a coach can do, especially nowadays with all the disrespect toward coaches from players, to help get the most out of his players should be looked warmly upon.

Well played, David Bennett.  Well played indeed.

Coming up next week, I’ll break down the other side of the coin; the angriest football coach rants in recent history.



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